Mamado Natural Ginger Oil 150ml


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Mamado Natural Ginger Oil is a pure and natural oil extracted from ginger root. Ginger oil is known for its many health benefits and is often used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. It has a characteristic spicy scent and contains numerous nutrients and bioactive compounds.

Key features:

Stimulating and invigorating: Ginger oil has an invigorating effect and can help increase energy, improve alertness, and stimulate the mind.

Soothing and warming: The oil has a warming effect on the skin and can help relax tired muscles and relieve painful joints.

Scalp care: Ginger oil can also be beneficial for the scalp. It can stimulate blood circulation, soothe the scalp, and reduce any itchiness or irritation.

Suitable for:

Individuals in need of a stimulating and invigorating oil
People experiencing muscle pain, joint pain, or tension
Those looking for a scalp-nourishing oil
Mamado Natural Ginger Oil is free from harmful substances and contains only pure ginger oil. It can be used for aromatherapy, massage, hair care, and skin care.

User instructions:

For aromatherapy: Add a few drops to a diffuser or inhaler and inhale the scent for a stimulating effect.

For massage: Mix a small amount of oil with a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil or almond oil, and gently massage it into the skin to soothe tired muscles and joints.

For hair care: Apply a few drops of oil to the scalp and gently massage to stimulate blood circulation and care for the scalp.

For skin care: Apply a small amount of oil to the skin and gently massage for a soothing and warming effect.