Adore Orange Blaze 39 4oz/118 ml


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“Adore hair colors are popular and versatile hair coloring products that offer a wide range of vibrant and eye-catching shades. These hair colors feature a semi-permanent formula, which means they gradually fade after several washes.

Key Features:

Vibrant Colors: Adore hair colors are renowned for their intense and lively colors. From bright reds to deep blues and vivid purples, there is a wide selection of shades to choose from.

Semi-Permanent Formula: Adore hair colors are semi-permanent, meaning they slowly fade with each wash. This gives you the flexibility to change your hair color regularly and experiment with new looks.

Conditioning Effects: Adore hair colors also contain conditioners that hydrate and nourish the hair during the coloring process, leaving the hair soft and shiny after coloring.

Versatility: Adore hair colors can be used to color the entire hair, create highlights or accents, or achieve creative and bold color effects.

Usage Instructions:

Start with clean, dry hair. Protect your clothing and wear gloves to prevent staining your hands.

Apply the Adore hair color to the hair using a hair coloring brush or your hands. Ensure that you cover all the desired parts of the hair.

Allow the color to process according to the instructions on the packaging, typically ranging from 15-30 minutes.

Rinse the hair thoroughly with cold water until the water runs clear.

Apply a conditioner to hydrate the hair, then rinse it out.

Style your hair as usual.

Important: Always perform an allergy test before using a new hair color. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully and follow them accurately for the best results.”