As I Am Long & Luxe Conditioner 355ml- 12 oz


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“As I Am Long & Luxe Conditioner is a nourishing conditioner specially formulated to hydrate, strengthen, and promote hair health. This conditioner is part of As I Am’s Long & Luxe line, designed to encourage hair growth and length. The formula is enriched with natural ingredients like biotin, green tea, and pomegranate, which help promote healthy hair growth, strengthen the hair, and maintain the natural moisture balance. It softens and detangles the hair, making it easy to comb through and less prone to breakage.

Usage instructions:

Apply a generous amount of As I Am Long & Luxe Conditioner to clean, wet hair after shampooing.
Distribute the conditioner evenly from the roots to the tips.
Comb the hair to ensure even distribution of the product.
Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes for additional hydration and care.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
For optimal results, use in combination with other products from the Long & Luxe line.
Key ingredients:

Biotin: Helps promote healthy hair growth and strengthens the hair.
Green Tea: Promotes healthy hair growth and protects the hair from damage.
Pomegranate Extract: Hydrates the hair and maintains the natural moisture balance.
Shea Butter: Nourishes and softens the hair, making it smooth and manageable.”