Curly Secret Cleansing Co-wash 250ml/8.5oz

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“Curly Secret Cleansing Co-wash is a specially designed product for curly hair that acts as a gentle cleanser and conditioner in one. This co-wash cleanses the hair in a mild manner without stripping away the natural oils, providing intense hydration to nourish and define the curls.

Key Features:

Gentle Cleansing: The Cleansing Co-wash gently cleanses the hair without completely removing the natural oils. It helps to remove dirt and product residue without drying out the hair.

Conditioning Effect: This product also serves as a conditioner, intensely hydrating and nourishing the hair. It leaves the hair soft, smooth, and easy to detangle.

Defines Curls: The Cleansing Co-wash enhances the natural curl patterns and defines the curls, making them look resilient and shiny.”