Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner 8oz/237 ml


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Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner is a leave-in conditioner specially designed to care for and protect the hair. This formula is enriched with pro-vitamin B5, which helps improve elasticity and overall hair health. It provides hydration, detangling, and protection against heat and styling tool damage.

Key ingredients:

Pro-Vitamin B5: Conditions and restores the hair, keeping it healthy and more resistant to damage.
Sunflower Seed Oil: Contains antioxidants that protect the hair from free radical damage.
Wheat Protein: Strengthens the hair and improves its texture.
Chamomile Extract: Soothes the scalp and adds shine to the hair.
Aloe Vera: Hydrates and softens both the hair and the scalp.
Apply the leave-in conditioner to clean, damp hair and distribute it evenly along the lengths and ends. Comb through the hair to detangle any knots. Style your hair as desired. It can also be used on dry hair for additional hydration and protection. This leave-in conditioner helps improve the condition of the hair, shields it from heat and styling damage, and provides softness and shine.