The Doux Super Sonic Honey Condish 236ml


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“S” stands for super. And the “U” stands for unique. The “P” stands for perfection. IYKYK. Introducing the ultimate 3-in-1 pre-poo, leave-in, or rinse-out conditioner! This triple-action conditioner instantly detangles and penetrates the cuticle to protect, soothe, and strengthen stressed hair. Woosah!

What’s not to love about a 3-in-1 conditioner? But what truly sets this conditioner apart is the cationic or “super-charged” honey. Our natural honey gains a positive charge, smoothing the negatively charged hair cuticle to enhance shine, lock in moisture, and combat frizz. Additionally, it includes Aloe and Vitamins B, C & E for strength, retention, and protection, plus Keratin & Silk Amino Acids to make your curls shine.

How to Use:

Apply to wet hair as a pre-poo detangler or as a conditioner after washing. Leave in or rinse out. The world is your oyster. Style as usual.

Experience the magic of the 3-in-1 Super Conditioner, blending science and nature for effortlessly beautiful, nourished, and shiny curls.