As I Am Long & Luxe GroEdges 4oz/15g


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“As I Am Long & Luxe GroEdges is a nourishing edge control gel specially designed to tame, define, and strengthen the hair edges. This gel is part of As I Am’s Long & Luxe line, developed to promote hair growth and length. The formula is enriched with natural ingredients such as pomegranate, passion fruit, and castor oil, which help promote healthy hair growth, strengthen the hair edges, and retain moisture. It keeps the hair edges in place and provides long-lasting hold without flaking or stickiness.

Usage instructions:

Apply a small amount of As I Am Long & Luxe GroEdges to the hair edges and use a brush or your fingertips to style the edges as desired.
It can be used daily to define and maintain the hair edges.
Key ingredients:

Pomegranate: Promotes healthy hair growth and strengthens the hair edges.
Passion Fruit: Softens the hair and hair edges.
Castor Oil: Strengthens the hair edges and helps reduce hair breakage.”