Dax Super Light Pomade 7.5oz/213g


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Dax Super Light Pomade is a hair styling product specifically designed for a light hold and natural shine. This pomade offers control and styling options without weighing down the hair or making it greasy. It’s ideal for creating structured hairstyles with a light and flexible hold.

Key Features:

Light Hold: Dax Super Light Pomade provides a subtle but effective hold to keep the hair in place. It still allows the hair to be flexible and movable, making it easy to style and adjust throughout the day.

Natural Shine: This pomade gives the hair a natural shine, making it look healthy and well-groomed. It doesn’t add excessive shine but leaves the hair looking radiant and lively.

Non-Greasy: The light formula of the pomade ensures that the hair doesn’t feel greasy. It doesn’t leave heavy residue and can be easily washed out.

Versatility: Dax Super Light Pomade can be used for various hair styles, from smooth looks to defined curls. It’s suitable for both short and long hair.

Easy to Wash Out: This pomade can be easily washed out of the hair with shampoo, without leaving a greasy layer.

Suitable For:

Individuals looking for a light hold and natural shine in their hair styling product.

Individuals with fine hair that can quickly become weighed down by heavier styling products.

Individuals who want to create structured hairstyles with flexible styling options.

User Instructions:

Take a small amount of Dax Super Light Pomade and rub it between your palms to warm it up.

Evenly distribute the pomade through the hair, from the roots to the tips.

Style the hair as desired using your fingers, a comb, or a brush.

Add more pomade if needed for extra hold or shine.