S-curls Curl&Wave Jel Activator Blue


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S-curls Curl & Wave Jel Activator is a specially formulated product to activate and define curls and waves. This jel activator helps create beautiful, resilient curls and waves while reducing frizz and frizz. It is ideal for people with naturally curly or wavy hair, but can also be used with texturizers to enhance the curl pattern.

Key Features:

Curl Activation: S-curls Curl & Wave Jel Activator helps activate and enhance natural curl patterns, defining your curls and waves beautifully.

Resilience and Shine: This jel activator adds resilience and shine to your curls, making them look healthy and well-groomed.

Frizz Reduction: The product helps reduce frizz, leaving your curls looking smooth and styled.