Dax Bergamot Pomade 14oz/397g


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Dax Bergamot Pomade is a classic hair care product with a delightful bergamot scent. This pomade offers a medium hold and a natural shine, making hair easy to style. It’s ideal for creating sleek and shiny hairstyles with a touch of refreshing bergamot fragrance.

Key features:

Medium hold: Dax Bergamot Pomade provides a medium hold that assists in styling and maintaining various hairstyles. It keeps hair in place without making it stiff or sticky.

Natural shine: This pomade gives hair a natural shine, leaving it looking healthy and well-groomed. It doesn’t add excessive shine but makes hair appear radiant and lively.

Flexible styling: The pomade makes hair flexible and easy to style. It can be used for various hairstyles, including pompadours, slick-backs, and other retro styles.

Refreshing scent: Dax Bergamot Pomade is enriched with bergamot, a citrus fruit with a refreshing scent. It leaves a subtle and pleasant fragrance in the hair.

Easy to wash out: While the pomade offers good hold, it’s easy to wash out with shampoo without leaving residues in the hair.

Suitable for:

Individuals looking for a medium hold and natural shine in their hair styling product.

People who want to add a refreshing bergamot scent to their hairstyle.

Those who want to create structured hairstyles with flexible styling options.

Usage instructions:

Take a small amount of Dax Bergamot Pomade and rub it between your palms to warm it up.

Distribute the pomade evenly through the hair, from the roots to the tips.

Style the hair as desired using your fingers, a comb, or a brush.

Add more pomade if needed for extra hold or shine.