Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges 63.7g/2.25 oz


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“Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges is an edge control gel specially formulated to define and style your hair edges. This gel is enriched with argan oil, known for its nourishing properties, and offers a strong hold to keep your hair edges in place throughout the day.

Key Ingredients:

Argan Oil: Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil nourishes the hair and helps keep it healthy while adding shine to your style.
Beeswax: Provides firmness and definition to your hair edges.
Suitable for:

All hair types
Individuals looking to define and style their hair edges
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges does not contain harmful substances such as sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils. It provides a sleek and polished finish to your hair edges without drying or flaking.

Usage Instructions:

Apply a small amount of Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges to your fingertips.
Gently smooth the gel over your hair edges to define and style them.
Use a soft brush or comb to flatten and smooth your hair edges.
Allow the gel to dry, and enjoy the styled look.”