As I Am Long & Luxe Pomegrenate & Passion Fruit Growash 454 g-16 oz


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“As I Am Long & Luxe Pomegranate & Passion Fruit Growash is a nourishing co-wash (conditioning wash) specially designed to gently cleanse, moisturize, and promote hair growth. This co-wash is part of As I Am’s Long & Luxe line, developed to stimulate hair growth and length. The formula is enriched with natural ingredients such as pomegranate, passion fruit, and castor oil, which help promote healthy hair growth, strengthen the hair, and maintain the natural moisture balance. It cleanses the hair gently without drying it out and helps reduce hair breakage, leaving the hair soft, hydrated, and resilient.

Usage instructions:

Thoroughly wet the hair with warm water.
Apply a generous amount of As I Am Long & Luxe Pomegranate & Passion Fruit Growash to the scalp and hair.
Gently massage with fingertips to create a rich lather.
Allow the lather to sit for a few minutes for deep cleansing.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
For best results, follow with As I Am Long & Luxe Conditioner and other products from the Long & Luxe line.
Key ingredients:

Pomegranate: Promotes healthy hair growth and protects the hair from damage.
Passion Fruit: Softens and moisturizes the hair, making it smooth and manageable.
Castor Oil: Strengthens the hair and helps reduce hair breakage.
Amla Extract: Nourishes and cares for the hair, leaving it healthy and shiny.”